First Premier bank is one of the better banks in the United States, which specialises on providing credit cards for people with “less than perfect” credit. In this page, we’re talking about the platinumoffer from First Premier bank to their credit card customers, how to avail it.

Also, if you come across any issues with them or their offer, you can just contact their customer service on their phone number listed on the later part on this page.


How to apply for First Premier bank credit card?

Given below are the steps to apply for the First Premier Bank credit card:

  1. First, you’ve to visit the official First Premier bank card’s website, which is, which is given below these steps.
  2. On the next page, you’ve to enter the confirmation number, that you must have got on your mail.
  3. Search for that in your mail from Premier bank and enter that in the space given in this page.
  4. After entering the confirmation number on the space given, click on the “Apply Now“.
  5. Now, you’ll be asked more questions such as your phone number, address and more. Answer the questions and follow the instructions given in the page.

I don’t have a confirmation number what to do now?

Follow the below given steps if you don’t have a confirmation number or couldn’t find it.

  1. Like the previous step, click on the button below to access platinum offer website.
  2. Like the previous step, you’d be visiting the official site, in that page, you’ll see a link called “Don’t have a valid confirmation number? Click here.” option. Click on that.
  3. Now you’ll be taken to the next page, where you’ll see the option to check if you’re eligible for the platinum offer.
  4. Enter your name, address, city, last 4 digits of social number and other details required info on this page.
  5. And click on the “Continue” button.
  6. Now, on the next page, they’ll show you if you’re eligible for the offer or not. And you can continue with the offer if you’re eligible for it.

About First Premier Bank

The First Premier credit card is one of the most popular credit cards for credit rating customers, which gives out enough options and benefits to enjoy features like a normal credit card. The First Premier credit can be considered as the most sought card for average people in the country, as it helps them to shop in various locations without hassles. The first premier credit card offers plenty of options in credit limit, where a customer or a card holder can choose his budget and avail related benefits every time.

The first premier credit card also provides an extra option of using the card by skipping the deposit, where a customer can make use of it for emergency purposes. The annual fees and the benefits vary from different recharge options and non-deposit cards.

  • Card Fees: The first Premier credit card is known for its high fee, as it allows people with bad credit to get a card and enjoy the benefits of any other credit card. The fees are applicable for every customer, where he or she will have to pay the joining fees, monthly service fee, and Annual fees. The joining fees are expected to be paid before taking the card, and the monthly fees would be charged out of the bill. The annual fee are very much common in most of the cards, where people will have to pay every year to continue the service in an effective way. The monthly fees would be waived for the first year, but subsequent years would be charged on every bill.
  • Interest Rates: The interest rates are comparably lower than any other similar cards in the segment. The first premier card is known for its features, where a customer with bad credit can opt and get the card. There are a lot of companies, who are offering cards for bad credit customers. Compared to any of the competitor, first premier credit offers way low-interest rates. The card is very much suitable for people, who are looking forward to getting a credit card despite having a bad credit record.
  • Credit Limits: The credit limit varies from customer to customer and plans to plan. The credit limits of a particular card can be raised up to $1000 based on the requirement, but the joining, monthly and annual fees would be increased. The fees for the card would increase based on the credit limit, and a customer can increase his or her credit limit by paying the dues before the due date. As the payment processes successfully, the limit gets restrained and lets customer enjoy more benefits in an effective way.

First Premier Bank Credit Card Customer Service

You can contact the First Premier Bank customer service if you’ve any difficulty with platinum offer or your credit card from them. The customer service phone number is listed below:



The First Premier credit card is widely recommended for bad credit record people, as it allows people to apply and enjoy benefits like any other credit card. The credit card is widely accepted in most of the stores. The first premier credit card provides benefits based on the shopping value and usage, where a card holder can enjoy maximum benefits based on the options.

If you were able to sign up for platinumoffer, do let us know the experience by commenting below. Also rate the First Premier bank using the rating button given just below.

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