Using prepaid cards for shopping is the new trend, as you don’t have to worry about going beyond your limits. And OneVanilla is a great choice for a prepaid card, even for the first time users. Now, on this page, you can find the instructions to check the OneVanilla balance online through their website.

We also have their customer service contact info, which can be helpful if you come across any issues with them. Read on.


How to check One Vanilla card balance?

Follow the below given steps to check the OneVanilla prepaid card balance online using their site,

  1. First, you’ve to visit the One Vanilla website. You can visit it using the red button given below these steps.
  2. Now, on the next page, you’ll see an option named “Access your account and check you balance”.
  3. Check below this, you’ll see that there are are options to enter the card details such as your card number, expiry date and the CVV number. Enter these correctly on the spaces given.
  4. After that, click on the “Sign In” button.
  5. You’ll be taken to the next page, where you can see your account balance and more info about your account.

One Vanilla customer service

Contact the One Vanilla customer service if you come across any issues with the OneVanilla cards. They’ll be available to help you 24/7.

About One Vanilla Prepaid Card

Today, with the developing technologies and changing the world the organizations try to offer customers with incredible offers and features so that to attract new customers to their business and to maintain the previous customers to their business so that they can quickly enhance their business. Various banks and companies in the US are now offering gift cards and prepaid cards so that you should not need to carry cash with you every time and everywhere. One Vanilla Prepaid Card is just like visa or master cards which allow you to make transactions anywhere. You can easily make online transactions as well as can use it for online shopping.

The main difference between these cards and general purpose debit cards is that it is not related to your bank account. You can make transactions related to these prepaid cards only. You can quickly load these prepaid cards with your desired money and can use it anywhere you want.

It helps in preventing your account from being theft and also being making any fraud with you. These cards do not relate any information related to your bank account or your personal information. Therefore, the person who theft your card or tries to make fraud with you can’t be able to know about your personal information or account related information and hence in help in keeping your money safe.

Also, these prepaid cards assist in maintaining your budget as you can easily control your purchasing with the specified amount you added in the cards. It does not require any credit checks or any upfront fees for ordering these cards. The only you thing you needed for ordering these cards is that you should fill the information required in the application form and send it to the appropriate address. These cards are delivered within 7– 10 working days to the customers. You also not need to make any fee payment after receiving the card, the only thing you have to do is to load your card with the desired money.

These cards can be easily used in making payments for gas, bill pays, travel, online shopping, groceries, home improvement and much more. While making online payments, you always need to add your ZIP code for registering. These prepaid cards can be easily used for making payments all over the areas of United States.

The main advantage of this card is that the money you loaded on the card is never expired, you can easily use this card anywhere and anytime you want. These cards have reduced the necessity of carrying cash along with you everytime as you can quickly make purchasing and payments with the help of these cards.

The only limitation of this card is that you can’t withdraw money more than $400 per day from ATM through these cards. This is not a credit card; therefore, you need to load your One Vanilla Prepaid Card before making payments. It is a non-denominational prepaid card so you can load your card with your desired money.


As you can see, OneVanilla is one of the best prepaid Visa card that you can get right now, and it makes sense using a prepaid card instead of a credit card nowadays, as you won’t be going over the limit and won’t be tempted to do so too.

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