Target gift card (mybalancenow) is a popular gift card among users in the US, as it provides proper gift card experience, plus many other offers from Target.

If you want to use the online portal for getting the balance of your Target gift card, you can do that by following the steps below for visiting the mybalancenow website. Also, we’re providing the customer service details of the Target gift card on this page.


How to check Target gift card balance on

You’ve to follow the below given steps to get the balance in your Target gift card balance:

  1. Open the official website of Target gift card to check the balance,
  2. Now, find the place to enter your gift card number and enter your card number.
  3. Also below that, enter your card’s expiration date and CVV number.
  4. Now, click on the button called “Go“.
  5. On the next page, you’ll be able to see all the details about your account and the balance in your account.

About Target Gift Card

Target gift card is one of the popular cards available in the market, where a lot of people prefer to gift their family and friends instead of gifting cash. Target gift card acts as a credit card, which allows people to shop in Target stores in both online and offline. The target gift card requires you to pay a security deposit before taking a gift card, which is refundable while surrendering the card. The target gift card provides a lot of benefits for people to shop in Target stores, where a customer can purchase and find exclusive benefits.

Features of Target gift card

No Annual Fees: The fees and the charges are quite liberal compared to any other card in the market. The low-cost target gift card attracts every customer, as he or she does not have to pay an extra penny to enjoy the card. A target store fan can easily afford for the card, as it helps them to purchase regularly along with enjoying other benefits.

Unlimited discounts: The discounts and offers on the target website would be unlimited for target gift card users. As only regular customers prefer to get a target gift card, it is evident that they receive some offers compared to any other customer. Most of the customers enjoy a minimum of 5% discount on all the purchases, as it helps them to save some amount of money over every product available.

30 extra days for returns: Target gift card are of different types, and a red card comes with multiple benefits compared to others. An extra 30 days to pay back the due would be provided for red card holders, which help people to enjoy an extended period to clear the amount. The terms and conditions apply to enjoy a 30-day extension, but it turns out to be an absolute benefit during emergency situations.

Limited credit score requirement: A person with bad or low credit score record is usually rejected to have a credit card from major banks and financial institutions. Target provides a fair chance for everyone to own a target gift card with limited or reasonable credit score. The approvals on the cards make easier for people to have a credit card without struggling much concerning credit score.

Free Shipping: Most of the target purchases come with a shipping charge online, while Target gift card holders can enjoy free shipping for most of the goods available on the website. The free shipping could help you save a lot of money, as the overall shipping costs could turn out higher in most of the large bills.

Target Gift Card Purchase Fees

There are some purchase fees for Target gift cards, they are given as below:

  • $25 gift card: $4
  • $50 gift card: $5
  • $100 gift card: $6
  • $200 gift card: $6
  • $400 gift card: $6

Target Gift Card Customer Service

You can contact the Target Gift Card customer service if you come across any issues with the card. You can contact the below given customer service number to get in touch with a customer service executive:


Target Customer Service Chat

You can also contact them via live chat using the live chat on their website. Click on the below given button to access the help page. On that page, select Gift card option, and on the next page, click on the Chat option.

Target Customer Service Email Address

You can also contact the Target gift customer service using their email support, which you can get support from them through mail. Below given is the Target gift card email:


It is very much recommended for people, who are in love with products from Target. A compulsory discount would usually be availed by people while shopping both online and offline. The card is meant to be used only in Target, where a customer can enjoy a lot of rewards and discounts on a regular basis.

We hope you got the info you were looking for. You can use the steps mentioned above to access mybalancenow website. If you got any error regarding this, do comment down below, we would help you.

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