Vanilla Mastercard gift card is one of the most popular choice among shoppers in US for a MasterCard gift card. Here in this page, we’re going to show you how to check the balance in your Vanilla MasterCard gift card using their website, getcardbalance.

We also have the info on the customer service, so that you can contact them if you come across any issues with your card or their website. Read on.


How to check Vanilla Mastercard gift card balance online?

Follow the below given instructions to know how to check the gift card balance in your Vanilla Mastercard gift card:

  1. Visit the official website of Vanilla Mastercard gift card, which is Use the button below these steps to visit that website, as it is linked to that page for making it easy for you.
  2. On the next page, you’ll see the option in the top to enter your Card number, Expiration Date & CVV.
  3. Enter the card details and click on the red and white arrow button on the side of it. This will take you to next page.
  4. Now, you’ll be taken to your account page, where you’ll be able to see your account details, card balance and more.

Click on the below given red button to access getcardbalance website.

NOTE: You can click on the En Español link on the top of this page to continue in Spanish, if you’re comfortable with that.


About Vanilla Master Card Gift Card

Vanilla gift card is more like a prepaid credit card, which has been accepted widely in stores. Vanilla gift card has been used widely by people to gift someone with digital cash instead of cash. The card has been pretty useful for people, who are engaged in shopping on a regular basis.

You should fill the Vanilla MasterCard is a gift card with required cash before gifting it to family and friends. You need to activate the gift card with the help of a code number provided while purchasing the card.

The card is restricted to any kind of online purchase, as it helps you to avoid major fraudulent transaction. The card provides access for users to check their balance, which can be checked any given point in time either from a phone or on the computer.

Features of Vanilla MasterCard gift card

  • Reload the cash in the card: Vanilla MasterCard gift card is more like a prepaid credit card, where users can use it in various stores across the country. The card helps people to use it for a longer period of time, as it provides a facility to reload the cash in the card in an easy way. As it is easier for people to shop from different stores without using cash, it is evident that the card is used by a lot of people to shop on a regular basis. The gift card can be activated and used multiple times to shop from the available cash available in the account or card.
  • Substitution for cash: It is very much important to have a cashless transaction, as it helps you shop securely and to have a valid transaction after shopping. A digital shopping is always recommended by experts, as you will have an opportunity to claim and to account the shopping expenditure in an easy way. The current generation prefers to have no cash in hand, as most of the stores and online portals accept cards while purchasing. You cannot use Vanilla MasterCard gift card for online shopping, but it is widely accepted without hassles.
  • Nominal charges: The Vanilla MasterCard gift card charges a nominal fee for the customer while getting the card. Vanilla MasterCard is widely recommended, as it helps you to gain benefits and points based on the purchase. There is a one-time $4.95 activation fees applicable for every card, but can be claimed or earned by shopping on a regular basis. Not many people are bothered by the activation fees, as some of the offers and bonus attracts you to get to card to shop easily. As MasterCard is widely accepted across most of the store, people do not mind getting a vanilla gift card to shop on a regular basis.

Vanilla Mastercard Customer Service

If you’re not able to login to your account or you’re having some problems with your account, you can call the getcardbalance customer service right away. They’ll be ready to solve your problems in time. Below given is customer service contact number of Vanilla Mastercard gift card:


You can also mail them regarding your issues and payments. Below given is the mailing address for Vanilla MasterCard:

Vanilla MasterCard® Gift Card Customer Service
PO Box 826
Fortson, GA 31808


Vanilla MasterCard gift card is one of the best and the popular ways of gifting a loved individual, as it acts as cash while shopping in different stores. Vanilla MasterCard has been widely loved by people, as it can be used to earn offers and to shop without carrying cash.

We hope we were able to help you regarding getcardbalance website from Vanilla Mastercard gift card. Do share your opinion and rating for Vanilla gift card using the comment section and ratings section given below.

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