American Express is one of the most popular credit card service in the US. Their popular card, AMEX Card is one of the most popular credit cards in the world. In this post, you’ll read how to confirm their card after receiving the card using their portal

We also have their customer service info and how to contact them to get help if you come across any problems with their card. Read on. confirm card

How to Confirm your American Express Card?

You’ve to follow the below given steps to confirm or activate your American Express card. Here are those steps:

  1. Visit the official page of American Express website (, for verifying cards. It is given after these steps as a button.
  2. After clicking that button, on the next page, you’ve to check for the space to enter the credit card number of your card. You can see that it’s designed like a credit card and the card number should go in the normal card number would be in a credit card.
  3. Also enter the 4 digit security code on the space given. It’s also called the CVV/CVC number, and is found on the back of your card.
  4. Now, click on the “Continue” button on the page.
  5. Now on the next page, the account preferences page, in which you can select the username and password for your account.
  6. Also, you have to create new security questions for your account and many are details as asked.

Use the below given button visit the official website of American Express to confirm your card:

About American Express

American Express offers one of the oldest credit cards in the world, which was widely accepted in different parts of the world. American Express used to be the only card, which was allowed to be used in various countries at lower costs. AMEX or American Express provides enough options for people to use it on a regular basis, as some of the features and options are very much similar or better than other cards. The extra security plays a significant role regarding usage, as the data thefts are becoming common in the current generation.

American Express offers both Credit cards, and it powers by associating with other banks from different countries. Amex offers both gold and platinum cards, where people can opt for the card based on the requirement.

Must know facts before opting for an American Express credit card

  • No Preset Spending Limit: It is not common to see a credit card, which comes with an unlimited limit on spending. Amex gold and platinum cards offer no preset spending limit, which provides seamless access to people visiting different countries on a regular basis. Some of the corporate companies prefer to provide AMEX cards to their employees while visiting different countries, as it helps them to provide more funds based on the requirement. The AMEX allows people to use it various locations without charging excess fees, as the card is better known for its widespread acceptance feature.
  • High Annual Fees: Annual fees are pretty higher in most of the American Express cards compared to any other card from the bank. The annual fees vary from Charge, gold and platinum cards, where cards with more features attract higher annual fees in general. The high annual fees could be worth in most of the cases, as people end up spending more in few parts of the world. As American Express cards are accepted in most of the locations, it is worth to have a card for travellers to use it on a regular basis.
  • No Instalment options: Unlike any other cards, American express focus on providing quality service regarding credit options. American Express does not offer instalment options to its customer like other credit card service firms or banks. American Express can be used in different places, but are expected to pay in full the next billing cycle. The lack of instalment options may not attract a lot of people in general, but provides a whole lot of benefits regarding using with other features.

American Express Customer Service

American Express as dedicated customer service for their customers regarding any problems arising with their cards. You can contact them if you come across any problems with AMEX card registration & confirming it.

Below given is the American Express customer service phone numbers to call from US & abroad:

1-800-528-4800 (Domestic)

1‑801-449-4019 (International)

American Express credit card is one of the popular cards across the world, as the card is accepted widely across the world. The card is widely known for travellers, as it used to be the only card, which was accepted without hassles. The AMEX provides different options regarding cards, where people can choose cards based on the requirement. For more details, you can also search it on the official website which will help you to know product information.

That’s all about confirming the American Express card. I hope you were able to confirm your card on on time. Do comment down your experience with American Express card & problems you face if any. – How to Confirm You Received Your Amex Card?
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  1. Your process of confirming card is so complicated that can be done by a simple phone call. As of now, I haven’t activated my card yet.


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